I ordered some of this off eBay a couple months ago. I discovered when I got it that glycerin is in the ingredient list. I tried it, just in case it was a mis-print, but my hair did NOT like it. I was totally bummed since it has such great reviews. I have recently discovered True Polaris Truly Curly Styling girl (thank you Curlsnswirls). It is sold on etsy and it is an FSG gel. I ordered it just like her foolproof formula, but I had her leave out the protein, and I LOVE it!!!
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Yay!! Glad you like it. It is a great gel. I'm actually loving the Mop C, just wished it came in a larger tube/bottle.

Yossarian, I had a code a while back for the TruePolaris gel that she gave me when I asked, so it wouldn't hurt to ask her. She's very nice and has great customer service. Oh and I chose the vanilla scent, a very mild scent.
I really like that it comes in a pump bottle too. I have the link to her shop in my,siggy under "FSG".
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