So it's March, which in my neck of the woods means tank top, shorts, and swim suit season is about 10 weeks away. I'm personally at an all time high weight because of various health issues (PCOS and digestive problems)and the death of my teenage metabolism (RIP eating whatever I want). I'd love to try to lose a few lbs before the summer, but it's hard to stay motivated to get to the gym without some accountability.

Would anyone be up for a fitness challenge? I know there is a separate fitness board but I thought this forum would get more responses and also maybe rope in some people who wouldn't otherwise join in because they don't look at the fitness board.

If anyone is up for a 10 week challenge, feel free to join in, post your goals, and check in to stay accountable!

If this catches on, I'm thinking a rule of at least one update per week would be good. That's only 10 updates, so it's not a huge commitment to update daily or anything like that (unless you want to obviously!)

My goals:
-Gym 4x per week, combining cardio and weight training at least 2 days
-Yoga 2x per week.
-Take the stairs, not the elevator (I live on the 4th floor of my building)
-Cut soda to 1 per day and drink more water
-Feel better in a two-piece than I would if I put one on right now. I'm going to guess that would amount to about 10 lbs, but I don't have a scale and I think going by how I feel is a better gauge anyway.

Laura Lee: see above
Narnia: training for 5k, diet changes, and lose10lbs/see clothes fit better
Curlylaura: Olympic bar weighted squat
Like.Australia: elliptical 3x week and yoga 1x a week; lose 5 lbs
KurlyKae:work out 3x+ each week, eat intelligently, lose lbs and fit into summer shorts
Divegirl: finish first triathlon in May in under 3 hours, stick with healthy food
Curlyeyes: Limit junk food, more water, workout 5x/week, strength 2x/week, pilates
Tenapaige: lose 10lbs
Murrrcat: lose 6lbs, work on eating healthy
GreenJumper: lose 15 lbs
Myradella: lose 10-12 pounds by May 3
Scrills: lose 5 lbs, exercise 5x/week, more water/veggies, less carbs
Emthefantastical: 5 lbs, get through insanity, clean up diet
Rubber Biscuit: Couch to 5k

Fine/thin 2c/3a, Low-Medium Porosity, Dry!

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