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Originally Posted by The New Black View Post
Spidey, Panera Bread (do you have one near you?) sells SC oats now. Maybe you could try them there first. Then if you decide to make them at home, you'll have a better idea of the taste and texture they should be.

Panera...that place will be the destruction of me!

But now I am curious to try Panera's bc I made a pot of them last night and stuck my foot in it!

I toasted them in butter, added salt, added water, brought to a boil, simmered for 25 mins, added brown sugar and dried cranberries. Let sit overnight. Nuked with a lil more water and tiny bit of cream. Topped with flaxmeal and sliced almonds.

Really good! The texture reminds me of couscous. I see a lot of potential.

Now I gotta see if Panera's is better than mine!
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