Update: I did the honey-olive oil treatment
My hair is definitely softer and less dry now, I had less frizz and defined curls, but less curls although that can also be because I didn't scrunch as good as other times.

Anyhow: after it was dry, I went to visit my grandma... and it started snowing again... and my hair was full of snow, so I had to rewet my hair and restyle it completely because it got frizzy again and because I'm having an important day tomorrow (so my hair has to be awesome).
And I plead guilty: to ensure my hair being awesome tomorrow I used a mousse (Tigi bed head foxy curly) with cones in them, although I should be CG now, just because I know this mousse has good curldefiningeffects for my hair and I don't know any other mousses with the same effect yet.

I will definitely not use this mousse every time though... This just was like... an emergency.
Can anyone recommend me a nice mousse that makes your curls awesome? (without cones)

I'll try the proteintreatment next thursday and keep you updated...
The honey-olive oil will be re-tried another time. It didn't completely fail or so, but I expected more of it. (although my hair really is less dry now)