Dusalocks how often do you wash your hair? I want to buy more kinky curly/shea moisture products and you seeme to have hair similiar to mine. Thanks!!

But yes sdkitty I thought the same thing and I haven't had that drying experience but I have heard that a lot. I would reccomend ysing it on soaking wet hair with a moisturizing leave in. It makes my curls really pop. However I have not tried the pure clean so I cannot compare it. Its very thick stuff. Like if you open the tub and flip it over the stuff is not gonna fall out haha. I have heard a lot of people like the olive oil one too and aome say its a bit lighter.its a steal for 3 bucks its a steal though (I got it on sale). You can buy the little sample jars too if you don't wanna have a lot of product lying around to try it out.
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