Okay girls get ready for what I am about to say. I added olivee oil to my Ecostyler and whipped it up. The result was a whipped pudding type product and it looks kind of like a conditioner like consistency now. I will try it out tomorrow and see what happens.
Thanks dusa locks!!! Yeah I do workout too so it can be an issue sometimes. Idoes kccc take a long time to dry? And do you airdry? Sorry for all yhe questions. I actually have the shea moisture curl and shine kit at home. Do you like sm conditioners? I may try them out.
LP: SM RSB, Dr. B's
CO: Tresemme Naturals, SM RSB, CJ A&O
LI: a CO, Baptism Rinse, KCKT,
Sealers: SM Elixir, JC N&S
Masks: SM DT,SM AB, CJ Rehab, CJ Repair Me
Stylers: *just CO usually
SM TGM, KCCC, CJ PP, FSG, Aloe, Ecostyler
Co-wash: NH IH&T or Lemon-Aid
Clarify: Lemon-Aid, ACV, Amla, Shikikai, Bentonite

And lots of different oils to seal/pre-poo

BC #2: 10/2/13
2c/3a/3b w/ loose botticellis, whirls and curls,
Coarse,High Porosity;CG since 2007