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Has anyone who's used coconut oil tried consuming it? Apparently if you have a few teaspoons of it a day, it'll work from the inside out and sort of make everything better (skin, hair, nails, etc). Can't remember where I heard this, but I was interested in trying it.
My mom swears by coconut oil for cooking purposes, but I can't say that she uses it enough to be able to say it's had any affect on her.
I eat a tsp or 2 a day because it's supposed to be good for your metabolism/energy levels. I will say it gives me more energy before my cardio. I try to take it in the morning with tea and cereal because if I take it later at night it keeps me up. I've only been consuming it for a few months though. I came upon the same research you did I think when I was googling coconut oil and hair when I first started the CG method. I use it to cook my curries sometimes and it's delicious.
Ooooh I will have to try this. I never knew the internal benefits of using EVCO. I will have to do this from now on. Thank you for this information. Yet another reason to love EVCO!
same here
i cant use the batch i have now, its mixed with evoo and filled with random stray hairs :P
when i get another ill just split it up for skin, cooking and hair.
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