Not technically "curl-bashing," but it's still discrimination towards someone's hair, and making them feel insecure just for looking a certain way. And this poor girl is only twelve! I've personally always wanted her hair colour. What really gets me, though, is the fact that kids are doing this. These weren't high schoolers, but sixth- or seventh-graders.

Anyone ever experienced this kind of thing?
Terrified schoolgirl dyes hair blonde after girl gang sends her seven death threats in one day - because she is ginger | Mail Online
Originally Posted by GirlWithUkulele
I've never experienced ginger hate but honestly I think it's just stupid and pointless. I blame South Park for it because I didn't start to hear about ginger hate until after their ginger kid episode came out.

Back in high school ('06-ish) I dyed my hair red and looked freakin fabulous! When my hair is longer I'm gonna do it again! Awhile back I tried looking for color depositing shampoo so I could put shots of red in my hair but only found black, brown, silver and blonde. Stupid ginger hate, now there's no more red color depositing shampoo!

Anyway I hope things have gotten better for that girl. Red hair is really pretty, and I think there's a certain flare to it. Like with Emma Stone for example. If my assumption is correct and people are hating on red hair just because of a stupid TV show then I fear for our society.
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