I have always scoffed at expensive purses. But then I saw some very pretty ones and not all covered with logos. But to pay that much for a purse? So when B and I were window shopping this weekend I show him the one I liked. Then from across the room under it! The cutest satchel purse. Smaller like I like. But they only had yellow, red and orange. I thought the black was navy. I was so excited for a minute. . The sales assoc came over and B asks if they come in other colors and the sales assoc goes yes. We have it in this blue and he points it out in another purse. The most beautiful blue ever. I ordered it. And now I am stalking the tracking.

My mom's estate closed last week so this is her gift to me on my 52nd birthday.

So pretty!! Thank you Mom ��

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My limit is around the $350 range for how much I'm willing to pay, and even then I balk at paying more than $275.
I'm glad you ordered it. You should have something nice that you love!

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