Hey guys! Tried diffusing my hair today for the very first time with my brand new Conair Inifiniti Pro which has the HUGE diffuser I was looking for.

First thoughts. . . huh, not sure what I'm doing wrong but my hair is two toned right now. What I mean is the right side is 2C on top and 3A underneath and the left side is 3A on top and 3B underneath. Here's the weird thing though: It is usually the other way around. Honestly my left side is the lazy side in which I have to squish in more product and the right side is the one that is so curly I have to break up the clumps to make them match. Could it be that because I'm right handed it was easier to diffuse the left side of my head but because I'm not ambidextrous I botched the right side of my head using my left hand to manipulate? Seems like a stretch when all you're doing is holding a blowdryer to your head but still.

So I did the pixie curl method all the way around with my head upside down and then tilted to the side. Three rounds all over my head in which I cupped as many curls as I could, brought the diffuser to the scalp, flipped the switch on and kept hitting the cool button for a 15-20 second stretch. The settings were already on cool and low. I stopped once my hair was 80% dry because I noticed I was getting a dollop of frizz on the crown. When I air dry I have no frizz. Not exaggerating. None. So I feared overdoing it. So it should be dry in under an hour. We'll see how it turns out. I think I'll have to either scrunch in some FSG on the right side to make it clump more or finger comb the curls on the left to break up the clumps and make the hair there 2C.

Anyways, if anybody has any tips or hair routines involving diffusing that really works for them please let me know! I'd really love to get the hang of this.

P.S. First impressions on the blowdryer is that I love it. It's much lighter than my last one and the diffuser is 4x the size so I can actually use it. Did I mention it's a sexy orange color and it was only $25 on the Target website? (I get free shipping with my redcard.)
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