Yup! My bedroom. Okay I'm going to try and see my hair when I'm diffusing upside down then. Do you just turn your body to the side so you can peek?

So this blowdryer I bought I noticed gets warm right away. I mean instantly. So when I cupped the curls and brought the diffuser to the head I felt the warmth there on the scalp right away. (This is on the cool setting already.) So I hit the cool button immediatey and several times throughout each drying session. I'm a little paranoid about drying my hair out but I have to admit I love that my hair was next to dry in less than ten minutes. That was wonderful. Having a blow dryer is so convenient.

How often does everybody diffuse, I wonder? Does it dry your hair out at all or am I worrying for no reason?
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Yes, exactly! I kind of end up standing with my hips perpendicular to the plane of the mirror. If I turn my head slightly, I can see myself. It was more important to see myself at first, but I find I rarely look in the mirror anymore and do it mostly by feel.

I diffuse almost every morning. My hair is does not handle being slept on well (it's so short right now ) and since I work in a corporate environment, I can't go to work with wet hair. My dryer has three heat settings: no heat, warm, and hot. No heat is the same as the "cool blast" button, but you don't have to hold the botton. It takes me about 25 minutes to get my hair 75% dry. I spend about half the time using the warm setting, and the other half using the no heat setting. I don't think it dries my hair out, but it's hard to tell since I have to do it every day. (I'm hoping that when my hair gets longer, I can work on getting 2nd day hair). I think, since you're used to what your hair should feel like when moisturized/healthy, you should be able to tell pretty quickly if it's drying out.

Sorry I'm not much help! Good luck, and I hope it works out for you!
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