I'm all set

Hi ladies!

I'm interested in swapping for small amounts of the following:

Daily Fix (2-4 oz)
Coffee-Coco Curl Creme (1-2 oz)
Coffee-Coco Curl Creme Lite (1-2 oz)
Beauticurls leave in (1-2 oz)
Curl Fix (1-2 oz)
Repair Me (1-2 oz)

I have:
Beauticurls Strengthening conditioner
Argan & Olive Oil Conditioner
Banana Deep Fix (I can only spare 1-2 oz of this one)

Pm me please!
Upper Michigan Dews
3a ~ Fine ~ High Porosity ~ Normal Density

NoPoo: JC Cleansing Cream
Rinse Outs: SS:PRT, CJ Repair Me, CJ Argan
Detangler: KCKT
Leave-in: CJ Repair me
Stylers: UFDCM, BRHG
Refreshers: Batiste (dry shampoo) on the roots & UFDCM everywhere else

iHerb Discount Code: SAF007

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