I am so tired of my dry frizzy curly hair! i have tried so many products and they made my hair feel nice but they did nothing for me long-term wise. Ive started taking fish oil pills and eating avocados on a daily basics because i am literally so desperate to find something thatll make my hair soft, healthy, and overall easier to take care of. At one point i had gone to my local salon and asked to have my hair relaxed but my salonist wouldnt allow it. She said that my hair was too dry and it would just break off if i got it done. Ive gotten Kertian treatments but they only make my hair nice for the first 2 weeks and then my hair goes back to its dry ugly self. When i style it at home i put in gels and curl definers and it looks nice but it takes practically forever to dry and i cant put my hands through it or itll get all messed up. I am a very pertie girl and my hair is just to big for me to handle. Also i recently got a haircut and she cut it so short and my hair is extra puffy and curly . please help! I need reccomendations to keep my hair soft and relaxed but also healthy!!! (im a 3b girl wanting 2b hair!)