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Default Traveling to Hot and Dry Israel, Tips?

The traveling threads I've found on here ask for advice when going from a dry climate to a humid one. I'm doing the opposite.

In May, I'm embarking on a 10-day trip to Israel (the good ol' birthright trip), and I know the climate is dry and hot. I live in San Francisco, where it's often humid and cold. That means I rarely follow other's switch to lighter products in the summer since we don't really have a summer in San Francisco.

Any tips on what types of products I should bring? In case you can't see my siggie, I have fine, normal porosity hair and no problems with protein.

Any good packing advice? I plan to check my bags, but in case I must carry-on, I am freaking out about getting 10 days' worth of product into a TSA-approved quart bag.

And for anyone who's already done the birthright trip, any general advice?

Thanks guys!

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