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You don't need a referral if you have Medicare. You can go to any doc you want as long as they take Medicare part B.
But whether you need a referral or not, wouldn't one go to a GP for an unspecified pain or illness before they go to a specialist?
Yeah, if you don't have a clue what's going on. I've had clearing of the throat problems for years. Rather than wasting my copay/deductible money on my pcp I went straight to an ENT specialist with my PPO plan. There is no money in gp and it's getting worse for them. I'm not saying it will be no more, the the options you have of choosing a GP if you have Medicare are going down.
I can go to anyone I choose on my insurance plan at any time, but I would rather go to my GP (11 years now) before I go to a doctor I don't know. But I get your point. I certainly hope that doesn't happen though. I truly believe the good GPs are worth their weight in gold and help keep costs down actually.

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