I am not new to the forums (and not new to being obsessed with my hair) but have recently decided to give CG a go again. I attempted it many years ago but I was such a PJ and got frustrated easy, so I never really gave it a proper chance.

Lately I have just been using a sulfate & coney shampoo (actually a 2-in-1 shampoo/condish thing), a conditioner which is usually coney, and then I have been experimenting with moose and gel (also cones lol).

My hair was looking OK and was shiny and soft, but gets flat and loses curl on the canopy quite quickly!

So... this morning I did once last shampoo with a basic sulfate shampoo (no cones), then used a moisturising cone-free conditioner, which I left on for 30 minutes because I panicked over how dry my hair felt after that shampoo!! I then used a basic gel with no cones.

It's not quite dried yet but already I can see that it is frizzy, less definition and not as shiny as it has been on my old routine - I am hoping this is just because of the nasty sulfates! Has anyone else experienced this when starting CG? I tried searching but for some reason couldn't find anything about this issue!
2c/3a thick hair, attempting CG again!