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I don't think one should "take one for the team" when it comes to having kids.

Right, wrong or indifferent ( I was just having this conversation), I think a lot of women start to have different thoughts about having/not having kids when you reach 35 and don't have kids yet.

It may mean the end of her marriage but I don't think it's something you should just give up. tough decisions
I was thinking this too..I mean that's not something that you just take for the team, lol.
But the thing is, she could be a total ass and walk out on her husband...because of something ~she~ changed her mind about, and never find another decent relationship again. Or maybe she does and the guy is sterile. Or maybe by the time she meets him, she is. I just don't think (in an ideal world) ppl should bust up marriages like that willy nilly. No one is guaranteed children. And when you marry someone 45 years old who doesn't have any, I'm guessing you would have discussed that issue at length and made your peace with the othr person's wishes before you say "I do."
I agree, it is asslike to the other person to switch up on something like that. But it's pretty major and it happens. Maybe to her having children is more important than the relationship. I don't think it's willy nilly..very hard decision. It is unfair to the other person but you gotta look out for yourself first and decide if it's more unfair to you to be in something that you dont want and will regret forever, I don't think that would help the relationship either. This reminds me of Friends where Monica has to break up with Richard who is in love with because she wants kids and he doesn't(although they werent married).
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