Used my routine last night with GDLI+MopC cream+Curlkeeper/biotera= fabulous results!!! That with the dews being zero and under.

Had to add, my hair hates the super soaker method . I learned that the hard way after several failed attempts, no matter what products I used.
I have tried applying products in the shower as well like the Jessicurl demos= a total fail for me. So no super soaking for me or applying products in sopping wet or dripping hair, except for my leave in. My hair is still very wet when I apply my products but not soaked (if that makes sense). Very rarely do I need to add more water when applying a product, but if I do, I will spritz just a little water..just enough that my hair doesn't feel/look dry.
3a/b (normal-porosity/elasticity/density)

Cleanse: CJ Curl Fix, poo bars, Sevi Pumpkin, Deva Decadence NP, SM
Condition/LI: MD RCLI, KCKT, GVPCB, DB pumpkin, Sevi Pumpkin, EMBC, Deva Decadence One C, SM
Style: CHS CK, CJPP, CR CM, KCCC, UFDCM, LALSG, B'Leave-in, Deva styling/super cream, BRHG, MopTop (custard/gel), OM HUDS, OM SS, Volumax mousse/gel
DT: SM superfruit, JC DT, CJ Rehab, Sevi Pumpkin

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