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Default Reporting in..again.

Well much thanks to everyone. I have continued with my shampoo routine and have found that it may not matter much what conditioner I use as long as it does not have protein. So GVP is fine, and so is a Suave, for example.

Next: CurlyIndianGirl said layering does not work well for low porousity. Bingo, I get it! thats what has happened - frizz from too many products. So I made a choice - Curl Keeper. Today I mixed it with just a dab of LALSG, and I have a bit more hold, and maybe a bit more frizz. But, I have to say this: I like the feel of curl keeper on my hair. I may have to use more than I have been using, if I want to stick with one product. Its expensive but...cheaper than throwing useless products in the trash.
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