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I am working on this. This morning I was about to add some ReCoil - I have it and have not yet tried it - but I decided not to. For one, I have a hair appt today. For another, Recoil says it is great for days of high humidity. So, that means it might drag my hair down at t his time of year. Yes, adding a dab of gel into the CK may work well, but CurlyIndianGirl says that she could not get t hem to "mix" well, and had to layer. So, I will need to work on this, probably with Biotera gel, which has been so far the best gel for me. I am tempted to layer CK with the Deva Foam...

BTW, I got the LARGE size of CK, 33.8 oz, for $34.43 and free shipping. I think that was a good deal!
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