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Sometimes I use my whole apartment as my bedroom. Most of my dirty work clothes and shoes are all over the living room. In fact I saw a bra on my couch this morning which was taken off and placed there Monday night.

I wax my bikini line in the kitchen since thats where the microwave is and I keep my wax under the sink. Last weekend I was in a hurry and I left my panties on the counter next to the sink which I discovered the next day.

This is mainly why I can't have unannounced visitors.

Oh and why I LOVE living alone!
I'm sure you're a very nice person, but OCD me is horrified.

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I am not OCD, but try living with someone like this when you aren't. Josephine, my daughter does the same and it drives me insane. Nothing against you. You are right, it works best when you live by yourself.
My mom has her electric razor plugged in the kitchen, her living room is weirdly arranged to accommodate only her, her toilet paper rolls are on the counter bc she thinks the holder is at a weird angle and doesn't like using it......I say the same thing. You obviously live alone! Lol

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