I care nothing about sports either! Maybe this should half go in the confessions thread, but I know nothing either! I don't understand football at all. I admitted it one day and people went into shock....why you ask?

My brother has played football since I've been in middle school, I've been to every single of his high school games Cheered for him, He Played in college, went to the majority of his games, even road 16 hours to Penn State for a game.....I understood nothing. I still understand nothing.

The only sport I get is track LMAO.

This is primarily why I didn't play sports (other than track) in School, I didn't understand them they were too confusing, too many rules. People always ask me if I play sports even now because I have a muscular body naturally even when I don't work out/overweight and I'm like no, and sometimes people get offended or shocked like "really??...you don't play anything??", Like damn, is it really that serious. my ex was like "YOU'VE WASTED YOUR BODY I BET YOU COULD OF KILLED IN SOMETHING" ummmmmm...sorry?

I also don't get cars.

Video games, again I'm a fraud, people always assume I love video games, nope I grew up with only brothers and I watched them play video games, for me that was tv time, because they hogged the tv, so that's what I would watch so I know a LOT about video games but I would prefer to not play them. Unless its HP or like those lame baking games for children lol. OR SIMS.