I use a variety of cleansers; conditioner, cleansing conditioners and more. Here's what I have found....
If I use a cheaper conditioner for co-washing (Vo5 or Suave) I find I need to use a lot, close to 2 palmfuls sometimes. If I use a more expensive cleansing conditioner (Deva NP, Darcy's, CJDF) I use a lot less, not even a palmful. Then I will use a heavier conditioner as a rinse out.
**tressemme naturals is a medium thick conditioner for me which works fantastically as a co-wash and eliminates the need for a rinse out since its moisturizing. <3**

So really, it just depends on what I have on hand, time, or what the budget is. A more expensive cleansing conditioner conditions my hair where I don't need much of my heavier rinse out, if any.

Now if I co-wash with a more expensive conditioner (Deva OneC, Darcy's pumpkin, etc.) it eliminates a second conditioner all together since I will scrub my scalp and comb the conditioner through my hair to detangle, let it sit a few minutes and rinse. One step.

One thing though, I find with a thinner conditioner I use a lot more because I need to feel my scalp thoroughly covered and sometimes I will lose conditioner while applying to my scalp (runs out of my hand). A thicker conditioner is easier for me to distribute because I can feel exactly where I need or don't need more in my hair. As long as I scrub and rinse my scalp properly, I can use either cheap or expensive conditioners to cleanse. Note: My hair can handle heavier conditioners every wash (every other day)
Personally I think it's a matter of preference.

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