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Originally Posted by Lotsawaves View Post
I looked into this before, but didn't know my blood type. I called my mom (when she was alive) and asked her. She was able to tell me her type, my dad's type, and my brother and sister's type, but had no clue what mine was. I could find out if I gave blood, but I've been told my blood pressure is too low for me to do that. I don't have medical insurance and I don't want to pay out of pocket to find out. Any ideas how I can find out other than the 2 things I can't do?

Knowing your parent's blood types will narrow it down because certain blood types have certain antibodies that don't mix ( the same logic is used when people immediately know that a man can't be the baby's father based on his and the baby's blood type). It won't give you the exact blood type but it could narrow it down.
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