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Originally Posted by SCG View Post
In other hot male news, I encountered one in Wal Mart while looking for flat bread. GUESS WHAT, THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY.

Anyway, back to the important topic at hand... I've never seen an attractive male in Wally (World... But I prefer to just say Wally) before. Like, ever.

He obvi thought I was hot too, because he kept conveniently finding himself in the same sections as me. First bread, then veggies, dairy... I'm sure he hadn't originally been planning to buy those things.

He was probably an axe murderer. That is the only situation in which an attractive male would be shopping in such a pit of despair.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHH I can't stop laughing. You are correct, hotness is rarely seen in that dreadful place.

When should I send him my pictures? Never...until he texts me and asks for them, right? LOL. I must drag out our blooming superficial relationship. rofl.

Should I accidentally slip in a a scandalous flawless picture of my head Photoshopped onto a VS model. "Oops!!...didn't mean to send that. Sorry."
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