Hi everyone

I have been on this site for years but this is my first time seeing this thread. I have been admiring the silver and white hair of several of you that have posted extensively in this thread for years.

I am not quite 40 yet (turning 35 in a week ) but I got my first silver hair in the 6th grade. I finally have enough silver strands to claim salt and pepper as my hair color (my avatar doesn't do my hair color justice). I have never dyed my hair (well I did have a short stint with henna and indigo several years ago but that hair is all gone now). I have always embraced my gray. I think this is largely due to graying so early; it has always been a unique thing about me, sort of my trademark. I was also blessed to have several women in my life whose hair I adored as a child who were completely silver. I think all of this has helped me to embrace the gray. Well that and the fact that because I started graying so early I never associated it with aging (that seems to be a big stumbling block for lots of my frieds who are starting to see their first grays).

I am so excited about this thread and have already learned so much even though I haven't made it all the way through. There are so many things I never thought about (like thinking about how different products affect the color of the grays). I have so many questions but I figure I should get through the entire thread so as not to ask something that has been asked and answered 100x over . I just wanted to make a quick post to say hi and thank you for this thread!
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