I love grocery shopping too and have no issues driving to a new one. But then I have no issues driving anywhere because I live in the woods and am not close to ANYTHING. Except the woods. I drove to the new Wegmans here when it first opened. I went a couple of times but it is a bit far for regular shopping. But I drive 30 minutes regularly to get to whole foods and trader joes.
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I just called up my sister and asked her to go to Wegman's with me when I move to Central Mass! It is a 20 minute drive but I'll go for the experience.
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Its pretty close to me. Their produce section is insane. And I always have to buy beer there bc they have the greatest selection of craft beer. Theres a coffee shop in there, and a sushi bar!

Its really cool. And they're not overly expensive. The only issue that makes me not go is no matter what time of day the place is like going to the mall at Christmas.

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