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Maybe you're hair isn't getting something that it needs. I'm not very good with all the details but I'm sure someone who reads this will. How porous is your hair? Maybe you need a good leave-in.

Personally, I co-wash daily with Suave Naturals. Rinse out with DevaCurl One Condition. Rinse the One Condition out with cold water. Squeeze out excess water. Re-apply more conditioner. Scrunch some DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel into my hair. Then scrunch for a minute with a t-shirt. The gel gives my hair a slight "cast" but I just shake it out and I have NO frizz and my hair is perfectly soft. A lot of people on here have bad things to say about DevaCurl but I find the conditioner and gel work well together. Their products are expensive though and I have yet to find cheaper alternatives...

You should find out your hair properties though and I'm sure someone would be able to help you!
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