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I second aubrey GPB conditioner...for me its the right balance of protein and moisture..My hair just loves it!!!!...I find that using a protein for my cowash/RO gives better curl/ results than using protein heavy products...With the GPB conditioner; I find that I can use almost everytime I wash...It is my HG product..I have very fine low porosity hair, and many other products that Ive tried, just weighted down or O/C'd my hair...The GPB is just perfect
2b/c CG since 8/12
I have low porosity and fine/med texture. Easily weighed down and VERY frizzy crown, with straighter under layers

Low-poo:TJ TTT, CJ GCS
LI/RO/DC: CK Satin Roots,Sevi Pumpkin, SSI Okra reconstructor, CJ SAC,CJ RM
Stylers: AG Recoil, JC SS
Jellies: CK Coil Jam, Okra gel(HG)
Gel: JC CC, Ouidad H&H gel, Ouidad moisture lock gel

Hair loves moisture protein.
MUST Pixie diffuse.

My hair dose NOT like oils, butters or polyquats Or glycerin in high dews
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