Cocoa Rhassoul Bar
Ayurvedic Bar
Honey and Oats Bar
all large.. Im good for the year!

Whole Foods
16oz Nutiva coconut oil was on sale for 6 bucks (they sell it for 13)!!

Trader Joes
Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo & Conditioner for my brother (his hair has been growing like wildfire using this & a castor oil blend I made him, hes 32 and a part of his hairline that was thinning grew back in)

Shea Moisture Red Bush Baby Lotion (OMG the smell!)
Shea Moisture Kids Conditioner
& I put some Camille Rose Moisture Milk in my moms cart since she called and forced me to go with her knowing I was avoiding Target.

Marie Dean (so random)
Whipped Raspberry Chocolate Butter
Whipped Sweet Cake Hair Butter
I dont usually even buy other peoples butters but hers looked nice & were on sale. I hope I am not disappointed!

Ebay (Fragrance Oils)
Aloe and Cucumber
Strawberries and Cream

Im still itching to buy stuff, im going to order from Belnuovo this weekend and go on a hunt for some Qhemet as well. Then ill be done