Hahaha ok dusalocks, I'll bite:

I have been curly my whole life, but my auntie (who surely must remember my massively awesome baby afro) wanted to know "who did my curly". I had to patiently explain something that I thought was obvious: duh auntie, it's always been curly!!!! You're curly too, so are all your siblings and grandma as well. Silly auntie.

My boyfriend, who "prefers" straight hair tells me that I'm not really curly, I just do that to my hair with gel. HUH?! Sweetie you can scrunch all the gel you want into straight hair and all you'll get is crunchy straight hair lol.

A stylist in downtown Miami who claimed she could work with curly hair and then tried to run her fingers through my dry hair. Ouch! I ran away screaming from that place in terror.

I don't get offended at the curling iron remarks because that means my hair must look exceptionally polished/defined. "Is that your real hair?" followed by a yank is NOT COOL! So rude. I don't mind my hair touched, but ask nicely and don't be a creep. I will admit, women are the biggest sneaky hair touchers lol.

But I will stop here, I have so many gripes I could write a novel and I have to stop procrastinating and get some studying done lol.