Well, I'm going on about 2 weeks using the deva technique and having great luck so far. I do have fine, thin hair and I use about a large quarter size of the angel in soaking wet hair and leaving in some of the one condition and I'm getting great results. I cannot use the no poo (I use the low poo deva curl) and my hair likes the curl line NOT the care line. The care line seems heavy and my hair feels waxy.
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That's great. I'd love for this to work for me. Maybe I'm doing it all wrong or maybe I just haven't found the right combo. Either way I will not give up yet.
I used to use the Deva Care low poo last year and loved it. I'm thinking of trying the DevaCurl one now. I loved the low poo, it was so gentle yet cleansing.
3a (normal-porosity/elasticity/density)
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