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My daughter has to make a Susan B. Anthony figurine out of a Pringle's can and a styrofoam ball head.

Any suggestions on how I can make nice hair? I would like it parted in the middle and pulled back into a low bun.

I bought black yarn.

I also bought a little crocheted doily and a black derby hat (and a feather)...either of which could camouflage glue or bald spots or whatever.

But how can I attach the yarn to the styrofoam ball in an attractive way w/ a center part (to make a 19th century hairdo)?

I was thinking of sewing a long rectange of yarn down the center and then glueing the center part w/ a glue gun?

I also saw at the store there is "doll hair" that's like these little individual clumps of curls you can stick into a doll's bald head? How would you do that on a styrofoam ball?
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