the pudding and gel should have worked too.....Maybe your hair doesn't like the products used and u just have to try twisting/braiding with a different product. I'm not sure how much relaxed hair you have left, but I have A LOT of relaxed hair. (about 3 inches natural, and the rest relaxed. Hair is about mid-back lenght), so for me, I find the products I used when doing my braid outs with ALL relaxed hair still work best for me, which was/is the BB oil moisturizer in the pink and white bottle. It seems to moisturize when I put it on, but then give a pretty decent hold without getting hard when it dries into my hair overnight. After I take the rollers off the ends in the morning, I hit the tips with just a bit more moisturizer and then take the braids out, and it looks perfect. If you still have a lot of relaxed hair left, you may want to try that. It's all about the product that is used and how your hair acts towards it though. ( at least for me). Good luck! and if you can, post a pic!