I tried this method again today and have to say I'm super pleased!!!

Wow, where do I start? Apparently I was doing it all wrong before. I just hope I can continue to use this method with success.
I did it exactly like the book says and like the demos I've seen and my results were fabulous. I don't have a hooded dryer so I used my diffuser to dry my hair slowly from top to bottom (without touching my curls) for about 5-10 minutes and then after my curls were "set", I pixie diffused. I cleansed with Deva No Poo, conditioned with Darcy's pumpkin seed conditioner (barely rinsed any out after detangling with my fingers), applied about a half palmful of UFDCM as instructed (smoothed on top, bottom and scrunched, scrunched) I scrunched slightly with a MF towel right before applying the UFDCM but my hair was still very wet. The results were fantastic. I definitely got better curl formation. I'm hoping I can get good 2nd day hair.

The key for me was having enough water in my hair so that when I scrunched the gel in, it was distributed well. Also, i had not been using enough gel. I'm so excited this worked for me!!! Great hair even though the weather forecast said I would have "limp" hair.
3a/b (normal-porosity/elasticity/density)

Cleanse: CJ Curl Fix, poo bars, Sevi Pumpkin, Deva Decadence NP, SM
Condition/LI: MD RCLI, KCKT, GVPCB, DB pumpkin, Sevi Pumpkin, EMBC, Deva Decadence One C, SM
Style: CHS CK, CJPP, CR CM, KCCC, UFDCM, LALSG, B'Leave-in, Deva styling/super cream, BRHG, MopTop (custard/gel), OM HUDS, OM SS, Volumax mousse/gel
DT: SM superfruit, JC DT, CJ Rehab, Sevi Pumpkin

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