Swirls, that's good news! How long did you scrunch? I also had a good hair day yesterday. I have found a few things along my journey that works for me.

Yesterday after washing, I applied a dime size amount of Tresemme's Natural as LI. Then I scrunched. Then I applied about dollop of HETT and scrunched. I did this three more times, wringing out the water as I did it. On the top of my head I scrunched to get some lift. I did this with my head upside down. I did not use a towel.

My curls came out nice. I had good volume. When I SOTC I also sprayed a tad of water to pump up the volume. My top stayed in the way it was scrunched.

For me, two things that seem to be working are applying product on soaking wet hair and using lots of gels. Without lots of gel, my hair ends up being wavy. the curls don't last. Anyone find this to be true as well?

Today I am going to try it with HETT to see how it works. I may use three gobs instead of four since there is more hold with it.