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I think this is what I'll eventually be switching to...a protein heavy stylists and treatment..and light conditioners....i have not used gel in several months...but may need to for the horrible FL weather...ugh...going to try to add extra agave nectar to okra gel...but this may make hair sticky in high seas...worth a try
I'm thinking about this okra gel...could you share the thread with me? I did do FSG with protein over leave-in, then gel yesterday. It held up remarkably well through the humidity and even my martial arts class (outside, in a park, near the ocean). Still though, I am getting the fuzzies today and I was hoping for at least 4 day hair. I know, I know... it is a lot to ask for but I am too lazy for daily styling and I was getting several days when I added a 'cone to my routine.
I miss those days!!!! In the meantime this vid is useful for an elegant alternative to daily washing because it works just fine on messy curls
Easy curly updo hairstyle for medium long hair Wedding prom hair tutorial - YouTube
And I'll be stocking up on scrunchies, pins and hair ties lol.

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In high dews the ONLY thing that has really, consistently helped me is sealing with mineral oil.
And this, I am so trying. I'll be digging up the thread, I'm sold. Either that or I'm shaving my head, and using the hair for fuel
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