I've had the SS stuff in my cart at curl mart all week but got annoyed that I couldn't combine discounts. I'm so used to free shipping and no sales tax from amazon, I have a hard time ordering elsewhere!

So, the SS combo is that good? I notice we have similar hair props. I also have some CJ stuff in my cart but am so overwhelmed by all the choices. None of her gels sound that great, but i do have CIAB (thanks ShellyRN!) but I'd like to try a nice RO condish, and/or treatments.
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For me, nothing beats the SS CEJ/FHG combo in summer. I have no idea what makes it work so well for me and I don't care, as long as they keep making it, lol! Awhile back when SS went offline and there were questions about whether they were still in business, I about had a heart attack. It doesn't do anything for me in winter, though. And like I said before, they only work for me when mixed before applying. Layering gives just meh results. I'm not a fan of Curlmart either, but I'll use them to get SS.

I love, love LOVE CJ condishes, but I have yet to find a CJ styler that works for me. I've tried Aloe Fix, Aloe Fix Lite, and Pattern Pusha - no dice. I got a sample of Curl Queen from Marsha once and it made my hair so stringy and strawlike that it took 3 days and several washes to get it back to normal. CCCC gave me massive frizz. CIAB worked well way back in the day when I mixed it with EcoStyler, but then I had less luck with it. Maybe I'll revisit that one again and do some experimenting. I liked CCCCL when I tried it once, but I liked it more as a leave in than a styler. I've been super frustrated that I haven't been able to make the CJ stylers work, because I know they're quality products, but there you go.
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