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Originally Posted by shellyRN07swavy View Post
Ok, today my hair looks a lot better…More volume throughout and a lot less frizz.. Although my hair was pretty crunchy this morning, it ended up VERY soft after I SOTC...So am loving the UFD CM...Will try again next time just to make sure it was not a onetime wonder deal..My roots are pretty flat, not as voluminous… may need to figure out a new way to clip...Dusalocks did you watch a video on root clipping?. Not quite understanding what you said, I’m a visual person
Shelly, the root clipping gives me some issue sometimes too, so I'll be following any clipping comments. I watched a Deva video because the metal clips I have are similar but I get so-so results. Sometimes good, sometimes meh. Especially if the clips fall over while diffusing... I try to clip smaller sections and that helps them stay up.
Can't wait to hear if you get the same awesome results again!! And do share pics, if you have the time. You know we all love to see the beautiful results
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