Soooooo, I have heard that this giovanni direct leave-in was suppose to be really great for moisturizing and helping to define your curls. I decided to go out and buy it. I had a hard time finding it, but I finally tracked some down at a Target. Unfortunately, when I got there, they were all out of stock. For 2 weeks, I visited the same two Targets waiting for some to come in. When I finally came into one of them, I bought all 3 bottles they had on the shelf, thinking, this must be magic in a bottle if they can't even keep it on the shelves (even though the smell of it is not the greatest). Needless to say, I got home, washed my hair, and applied the product only to have a nice white film cover my hair. WHAT THE HAM N' EGGS DID I DO WRONG?! Am I applying this stuff incorrectly, or does my hair just simply, not like it? Is it better if combined with some other product? Does the texture of my hair make any difference? Any opinions on this product or how I can get the moisture w/o the white film is appreciated. thx.

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