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Default Being natural and not knowing how to braid?

Am I the only natural who doesn't know how to braid and is basically handicapped when it comes to hairstyles? Do you even struggle at twisting and putting your hair in a bun? It seems like every naturalista or black woman in general knows how to do hair, but me. This is one of the main reasons why I put off going natural for so long, but I figured I could learn. A little over two years into my journey now and I still don't get it. When my hair was relaxed, I only had to worry about straightening it and that's pretty easy compared to braid outs or twist outs. My only styles were either "down" or ponytail; pretty simple. But, as a natural, it seems that you must be gifted with your hands. I just learned how to bun not too long ago and I was so proud of myself despite other people probably thinking it was basic and looked like crap.
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