I'm intrigued by the MesoCopper spray also. I'm skittish about spraying anything directly onto my face, so I would have to spray onto my palms and then apply to my face. I wonder if that would impact how well it works. I'm still skeptical about it, so I'm trying to read more reviews about it before I buy.

Would love to hear more from my fellow curlies who tried it!
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I tried the mesocopper spray...I don't think it does anything. I'm a fan of copper peptide products in general. I have psoriasis, and I have experienced very nice results on some of my lesions by applying copper serums, because copper has some anti-inflammatory properties. I thought I'd try one of these copper water products, thinking it would be easier to apply more often than my usual serum, less messy, etc. I just don't think there's enough copper in it to do anything. I'll stick to my Pickart Super CP Serum.