Here is another article, Moody. It looks like a small fire broke out and when water was sprayed on it, due to ammonia nitrate, the plant exploded.

I hope the Texas curlies are okay. Based on this article, several fire fighters and near by residents were injured.
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So there was a fire and they responded incorrectly causing an explosion?
The news said several firefighters are missing and the explosion registered ad an earthquake.
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That was the initial report. First it was a small fire but when water was applied, it cause the explosion. My mom said that she was hearing nothing in the plant should have exploded this morning, but this is not the first time it has happened. One of the worst industrial accidents was in a Texas fertilizer plant, years ago. It (an explosion) killed many people.

Yes, several fire fighters, first responders, and possibly some police officers are missing. Early this morning they had 700 emergency responders on scene. It sounds like people from all over went to help them.
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