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Originally Posted by dusalocks View Post
Haha. I also like to use it as a moisturizer on my face sometimes. It gives me a glow. It's also great on my arms and legs after a day in the sun. I'm thinking I'll do a tester. Try a small puddle of AVG on a section of hair. It my hair reacts badly I can always rinse the section out and fix it with cream and gelly.
I used as a shave gel, moisturizer before foundation and on my arms and legs. It was smooth and not sticky, love!! But I say do give it a try because its a natural ingredient. I dont suppose it will do any damage since its easily rinsed out. Good luck!!

Originally Posted by Myrna View Post
Please let us know, Dusa. Marci, did you use a conditioner? Im puzzled by your results, AVG is a pretty light product...
I dont remember using a condish with it Myrna, I used to stay away from any type of leave ins until recently. But this was one of maybe a handful of things that absolutely did not work for my hair and had to be rinsed out immediately. It could just be my hair ????
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