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Default Decorating gurus: paint my kitchen! (I give up!)

Aaaahhhhhrrrggg! So my new kitchen is almost done but we need to choose paint colors. The kitchen and dining areas are now more combined and open, kind of like an eat-in kitchen.

I want something warm and inviting, but not dark. The style is Old World/Tuscan Villa kitchen. I'll try to post a pic but the colors probably won't come out well. So I'll link the cabinet and countertop site's color samples too.

Counter top Caesarstone: click on Sierra, then double bullnose, then Top for best color representation:

Cabinets: Medallion Valencia, cherry with pecan glazed burnished finish (page should show style & color):

We're doing a tile backsplash in a ciarro stone finish (neutral beige/taupe).

So, should I choose a similar color (warm neutral color but not yellow) or a complementary color (warm with yellow tones)?????

I plan to have some purple (grape) accents. The ceiling is only 8' so should I paint it a shade lighter than the walls? Or the same? What about the trim? I wish I knew someone here to help choose these colors.

OK, you can start with the links. I'll work on getting a picture but there aren't any overhead lights installed yet.

ETA: actual kitchen pics! (ok they're coming out HUGE so I'll just link)

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