Not sure which gel u used but unlike everyone else, the Eco Styler gel doesn't work for me and my twist outs; it always leaves my hair damp. I always use Cantu's leave-in conditioner ($5 at Family Dollar, Walmart, etc.)mixed with African Pride Growth Oil (no more than $5) and my hair comes out dry but defined. Also, if u do your hair too late at night and then wake up early in the morning, it may not be dry all the way

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Sent from my SGH-T679 using CurlTalk App
Thick, highly porous 4a hair
CG-Method Products:
Cowash: TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner (Silicone-free)
Deep Conditioner: TN mixed w/honey & olive oil
Stylers: Wetline Xtreme Gel, Curls Cream Brulee, SMCES, grapeseed oil