I would have liked to see those pix in color too, because black and white photos don't take into account peoples' skin undertones, which does influence how good grey looks on them or not.
That said, many did have absolutely gorgeous hair, especially the curly one, and the ones who had natural texture in the hair - this always adds interest, colored or not.
@Banjo - your hair looks great - so healthy! I'm sure this must feel a lot better too and be easier to deal with especially since you're so naturally-oriented anyway. Good job, and hats off for your patience in letting long hair transition into grey.
A friend of mine who has only slightly wavy hair that she had colored to look a rich darker brown got sick of coloring(her hair is nearly white in most areas, and it got to be a royal pain each month). After she had let her natural hair grow out an inch and a half, she went a couple or three times, every couple of months, to have progressively lighter highlights put in until her natural color was far enough in so she could just let it go. Her hair is about half-way transitioned, and she wears it in a couple of braids, which with the different colors that are still left, actually look kind of cool! Her new white around her face looks lovely, and she has a warm skin tone like me. We often do have to wait until we have quite a bit of white to pull this off. I'm sure I'll do the same thing once my natural hair gets whiter(not yet though). Another couple years or so at least!
In the meantime, kudos to those who braved and are still braving this transition!