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Originally Posted by NewlyNaturalG View Post

I hear GVP has no slip and will just sit on your hair (which is what all products do to my hair anyway). But the As I Am Coconut Cowash is still good right?
Hmmm, well, firstly, don't be so quick to assume it might not work for you because that product does seem to work for a lot of people with varying properties. Even low porosity ones, which it sounds like you might be. That said, I haven't tried the GVP and don't plan to bc of the paraben content. I have tried As I Am and for me it has fantastic, I mean, fantastic slip. The only reason I've stopped using it as of late is because while my hair adores it, my scalp is sensitive to a preservative it contains. But I'd have no qualms about buying and using it again. I'd just apply it to the body of the hair, not the scalp.
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