Hello everyone,

I'm new here. I've been visiting this site for a few weeks now and finally decided to register. Please excuse my english, I'm not a native speaker.

So, my hair type is 3b. When I was younger, I had wavy hair which turned curly during my teenage years (I'm still in, 17 now). About a year ago I found out about the curly girl method. I tried it on my hair and I loved it! I was just growing out a relaxer (which I shouldn't have used because it destroyed my hair) and it helped my curls to gain back health and definition. Nevertheless I had to cut my hair to collarbone length because of breakage. Now there's only healthy hair back and I'm really happy about that, but... I just don't like the way my hair looks on me.
My curls themselves look really nice and everything, just not on me. Every time I straightened my hair I thought it looked so much better straight and flattered my face much more. I wish I could get my wavy hair back.

I already thought about getting a japanese straightening treatment. The price wouldn't be a problem. Did anyone try this?

Thank you so much for reading all this. I really hope anybody answers me.