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Aww she's super cute. What products are you using on her right now? It might be worth doing the Curly Girl method on her. Go to the Newbie section for a sticky thread about that. Even if you don't, you should be using a pretty good moisturizing conditioner and probably using some as a leave in. Some people just have hair that grows out before it grows down, but You can weight it down some with conditioner. I think it's super adorable the way it is.

To help her maintain her style, you could buy a satin bonnet for when she sleeps. You can also use a satin scarf for her car seat and a satin pillow case. That just helps her hair not get her hair roughed up. Of course, she's still little so you can't totally prevent that. You could also give yourself a break by doing braids and twists as protective styles sometimes. You can go over to the 4 board for more help and encouragement, because sometimes this board can get overlooked.
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